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Readingpen TS HeaderReading Pen TS Edition

What it is: Picture of A+ on a Test
The Readingpen®TS is Wizcom’s newest portable, hand-held “Personal Reading Assistant” that helps increase comprehension, expand vocabulary and improve fluency. This new Readingpen has an easy to use touch screen and icon-based menu.

The Readingpen®TS provides immediate word support to readers of all ages as it is preloaded with both the Children’s Dictionary/Thesaurus and the College Dictionary/Thesaurus and translations from WizCom’s English to Spanish dictionary.

Scanned text and definitions can be read aloud, allowing readers to maintain their reading flow, and building vocabulary when encountering unfamiliar words.

Who it is for: 
Anyone - from middle-school child, to university and international students, to business professionals.  Anyone who enjoys reading and building her vocabulary;  Readingpens are proven to help special needs & dyslexic readers.

How it Works:
During reading, when one encounters a word she is unfamiliar with...

  1. She scans the word using the ReadingPen

  2. The ReadingPen identifies the word, reads it aloud and displays it on the screen

  3. She then has the options to press a button to:

    • See the complete definition or synonym

    • Read it aloud again (reinforce pronunciation and helps dyslexic students)

    • See the phonetical spelling

    • Translate the word into Spanish (ideal for ESL students)

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How It Can Help You Improve:

ü Reading ü Pronunciation ü Vocabulary
ü Spelling ü Comprehension ü Fluency
ü Grammar ü Enjoyment of Reading ü Retention


  • Stay focused on your reading while the Readingpen helps you understand the text quickly and easily
  • Take the Readingpen anywhere you go. This small portable handheld device is designed to fit in your pocket
  • Works with virtually any printed text
  • Totally self contained, no PC connection required

Who uses the Reading Pen:
It is used in 50% of school districts in the United States, colleges, universities, learning centers and private households

Is there any research to support these claims:
Yes, please see Resources

See the below video for more information on how to use the ReadingPen and to hear a reading teacher's testimonial: (the video speaks of the "Quicktionary" which is the same as the ReadingPen):

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The Newest Features You Can Find in the Readingpen TS (Compared to the Basic and Advanced Edition):

  • Includes both children's and college level dictionaries
  • Play educational word games to help improve vocabulary and fluency
  • Windows PC connection allows upload to PC of word history list and download of text files onto the pen (i.e. test questions, instructions etc.) to hear instructions read aloud and define words within instructions
  • High resolution touch-screen with up to 5 lines of text, and easy access to icon-based menus
  • Virtual keyboard for manual word insertion and text editing (using a stylus)
  • Intuitive word typing assistant (predicts words as you type)
  • ** Frequently Asked Questions Section **

Features and Specifications

  • Hear words, lines or paragraphs of text spoken aloud using built-in speaker or earphones (included)
  • See and hear definitions and synonyms
  • See syllabication and hear words spoken simultaneously
  • Spells words out loud
  • Get definitions of words within the definition - nest to as many levels as needed
  • Easily switch between dictionary and thesaurus, with simple easy-to-understand definitions
  • Keeps track of the last 80 words looked up in the dictionary for easy review by user, teacher or parent
  • Recognizes over 250,000 words
  • Recognizes a wide range of printed font types and sizes (6-22 points - up to 8mm)
  • Easy to use buttons and straightforward intuitive menus
  • Supports both right and left handed usersWizcom's Readingpen TS Package
  • Auto shutoff to preserve battery life
  • Works with virtually any printed text
  • Totally self contained, no PC connection required

Readingpen Basic Edition Package Contents

  • Readingpen Basic Edition scanning pen
  • Hard carry case
  • Headphones and adaptor
  • CD of manual
  • User manual
  • Training foot - to help get used to using pen
  • 2 x AAA batteries

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